Senior Front-End Developer

At Peg B Technology, we aim to become one of the fastest growing payments companies by serving global marketplaces and large vertical markets with a unique value proposition. Peg B Technology is continually searching for passionate thinkers to join us in changing how the world pays.

You will design and lead Pegb Payment wallet. Work on our powerful, cross-browser javascript library for payments. You will own and drive our merchant dashboard to make it faster and simpler to use and get to experiment and work on cutting edge technologies on a bunch of mircro sites

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with Project Manager and developers to quickly ship new featured front-end and back-end products
  • Implementing the design by developing software components using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, React Native, API development, Amazon Web Services and JSON
  • Developing high performance and reusable software with excellent test coverage
  • Providing code review corrections and feedback in a professional and skill building way
  • Evaluating existing and new technologies and ensuring our applications utilize industry best practices
  • Supporting the operations team in order to provide the best uptime and service quality
  • Manage junior developers and allow the direction of all future blockchain development as the company continues to grow
  • Develop and oversee innovative customer experiences and software for a wide variety of emerging web digital channels
  • Possess strong knowledge of emerging technologies with good understanding of how technology relates to business, market and payment services industry and apply such knowledge to support the needs of the business
  • Lead and assist in detail coding designs as well as at a code level assisting developers in their development focusing on project delivery, maintainability, scalability, and high reusability of components.
  • Design, implement and evolve highly scalable and fault-tolerant distributed components using functional programming paradigm


  • BA or BS (MSc preferred) degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or related field; equivalent experience considered
  • Working knowledge of cryptography, key management and security solutions on both mobile and server side with understanding of security protocols and cryptography including PKI, SSL, RSA, authentication, encryption, digital signatures

Knowledge and experience

  • Experience in PayFac/ Payment processing
  • 2+ years’ experience in software coding and development for mobile commerce solution, e-money payments and other alternative payments methods.
  • Experience in designing, developing and integration of adaptations to systems with the m-commerce ecosystem
  • Deep, hands-on programming and technical design skills with demonstrated willingness and capability to learn new technologies quickly
  • Demonstrated ability to design, build, and deliver complex, successful web/mobile/USSD payments services and/or customer experiences efficiently and with quality
  • Proven team leadership, interpersonal skills, and ability to get things done.
  • A minimum of 4 years of relevant experience with common tools like stylus/sass, webpack, gulp
  • Proficient knowledge of any popular JS framework like React, Backbone, Angular
  • Good understanding of REST API
  • Ability to build a feature from scratch and drive it to completion
  • Willingness to learn new technologies, whatever lets you deliver the best product

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